Monday, December 24, 2012

BCD Member Editorial: Weapon Regulation

When is enough enough?  

I am a second amendment proponent, however I have been recently reviewing the statistics about how many deaths are caused to innocent bystanders or children by assault rifles in this country and comparing them to other countries.  We have certainly won THIS war times 100.  While we are 17th in Math in the world, we are 1st in number of assault weapons causing innocent life lost.  

It has been suggested that we "LOOK" at Mexico....OK, lets do just that.  Mexico is being supplied by the USA  in terms of their assault weapons.  When a homeless dude can walk into an Arizona gun shop in rags, plunk down $250.000 and walk out with as many HK91's as that will purchase him.  AND  do it without so much as a "are you planning to sell these to the drug lords in Mexico" or "did you just escape from a mental facility" or "are you planning to go take out a whole school full of children with these" I think the problem is pretty obvious.  

Here is another scenario to contemplate:  Lets just suppose that you disagree with the way our government is working, and decide you need to overthrow it.  Ummmm have you MET our government?  They can pin point your location and count the whiskers on your chin with current sattelite technology, and  they will send a Drone up your backside, take out your whole block, and so your little pea shooter AK-15 is worthless.  

We have some wiggle room here folks.  No hunter uses AK-15's to deer hunt, and no one needs a 30 round mag. to bag a deer unless you are the worst shot in the history of mankind, and in that case you need to get out of the woods before you hurt yourself.  Banning assault rifles, large capacity magazines, silencers, and any apparatus that changes my little .22 cal plinker to an automatic weapon needs to be banned.  The woman who bought the guns, bought the ammo, trained the shooter, convinced a young man with Asbergers that "guns make people have respect for you" ended up a victim which is the case more times than not, and 20 innocent angels and their heroic teachers were blown apart.  

The 2nd amendment was written back when muskets were all the rage, not high powered assault rifles with huge capacity magazines.  The time is NOW and enough is enough. 

Merri Ann Gonzalez

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Chair Report - December 9, 2012

BCD Elections…. An election for new officers was held at our November 20 membership meeting to serve as our leadership during 2013. Elected were: Richard Costerisan, Chairman; Bob Sullivan, Vice Chairman; Emily Nehring, Secretary; and Audrey Costerisan, Treasurer. As your chairman, I am looking forward to another year to serve our party and help build the Democratic Party in Burnett County. I would like to thank everyone who has supported me and our officers in 2012 and look forward to working with our new team next year. I want to extend my personal thanks to Gail Lando for her services this year as our Vice Chair. Gail has donated significantly to our cause and done an outstanding job. She has decided to step down and take a well-deserved break but will remain on our board.