Sunday, August 18, 2013

Attend the BCD Movie Night

You are invited to attend the “Burnett County Democrats’ Movie Night” following a brief meeting beginning at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, August 20, 2013. The meeting and movie showing will be held at the Whitetail Wilderness Restaurant & Bar located one mile north of the Village of Webster on Hwy. 35. Those wishing to join us for a meal should arrive at 5:30 p.m.

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"As Goes Janesville" is an Emmy nominated documentary that comes recommended by Democratic Senator Bob Jauch. Free popcorn will be served and a discussion will follow this important documentary chronicling the downward spiral of Rock County that parallels the slide in our economy associated with the Republican takeover of Wisconsin in 2010.

This is the first of several documentaries/public forums the Burnett County Democrats will be conducting this fall. You can enjoy an early viewing with fellow Democrats and participate in a meaningful discussion following the film. Please join us for this enlightening event.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Chair Report - June 13, 2013

May Chairman’s Report….Due to computer problems last month I was not able to submit a Chairman’s Report for the month of May. Please accept my apology for this problem. It turns out that an automatic update from Microsoft for Windows 7 caused my computer to lock up. Since there was no fix, a technician required three days to solve the problem. My computer is back to its old self now. I've got my fingers crossed that it stays that way.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Member's Letter to Rep. Severson

Dear Dr. Severson,

I understand that the Transvaginal Ultrasound Bill passed the senate and is headed for the Assembly today.  Please vote against this bill.  As a medical doctor  you are aware of the implications to  physician/patient confidentiality which is essential to patients  seeking medical care.  That the state of Wisconsin would force its way into an examination room for any reason is big government  tyranny at its worst.  

This bill could have serious unintended consequences.   Can you imagine a frightened pregnant teenage girl coming to you knowing that she will have to undergo an unnecessary invasive vaginal probe? I can't.  I can imagine her going into denial and getting no medical care or worse doing a DIY abortion, or going to the illegal abortion provider.  

If the republicans want to make abortion illegal, then  draft a bill that does that and debate it on its merits.  Just don't make the State of Wisconsin a rapist and torturer of women!  

Gail Lando
Grantsburg, WI 54840

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Member's Letter to to Sen. Harsdorf

Dear Sen. Harsdorf,

What is going on in Madison?  Is there really a bill sponsored by Senator Ellis to force women who are seeking abortions to have transvaginal probes, while a technician describes what she sees?  I can understand that many people are anti-abortion.  I am not pro-abortion, but sometimes abortion is the only merciful solution for some women and their families.  I taught at a school for pregnant teens for three years.  All of these young women chose to give birth; most kept the baby, but some gave the child up for adoption.  Most had healthy babies, but  some of the girls had stillborns, several had very low birth babies weight who had suffered lifelong complications that the families were not emotionally, spiritually or financially able to handle.  Some babies were born into abusive families, and I was unable to do anything about that.  One of my students was murdered by a boyfriend.  From my experience working with these girls, their families and their babies, I would never presume to make judgments on women who choose abortions or women who choose to give birth.  I would hope that a woman would choose to give birth.

To force a frightened woman who may have been raped, threatened or beaten to submit to a probe of her vagina is simply state rape, and the most invasive big government tyranny I can imagine.  

I hope you will not vote for this bill.  It is evil.

Gail Lando
Grantsburg, Wi

Member Editorial: Walker's Failures

Dear Editor:

I have an unwanted intruder that keeps coming into my house on my I pad. His name is Scott Walker. I’ve tried to block him many times, but he keeps coming back.

I can’t believe a word he says. Even a conservative magazine like Forbes said the way he figures job creation; he should have no trouble changing water into wine. He also received a liar liar, pants on fire for truthful and honest job numbers.

When he became governor, he said he would put signs at the border of all the neighboring states, inviting visitors to come to Wisconsin and enjoy the fruits of eliminating labor negotiations and championing the trickle-down theory of economics. How has that worked out for him? He is now 46th in job creation in the nation and dead last in the Midwest job creations.

He has taken money from the school lunch program and Meals on Wheels. Of this he is most proud.

He has defunded public schools in order to give the money to his favorite charter school programs. Most of the charter schools are religious school. So we are using public money to finance religious education. You might ask Walker which religion gets the most public money for schools and then ask him what religion he belongs to. I suspect those who complain the loudest about prayer in school will think this is great. Now they can teach the entire Bible in schools. I suspect the same people will be the first to complain when the first charter Muslim school starts teaching the Koran, using their tax money. The whole premise of his antiunion teacher program was to evaluate teachers and give the best teachers the most money. Most people would agree with this except there is no real way to evaluate teachers fairly. Taking money away from schools that have the hardest job of teaching is counterproductive.

Some time ago Wisconsin was rated number two in high school graduations in the nation. Therefore these teachers should be paid the second highest in the nation by these evaluation standards.

This is certainly a better indication of successful Wisconsin teachers than some politician pointing fingers at teachers who are in the most challenging schools and telling them they have to show much more success.
So how do I keep this unwanted intruder out of my home? I know there is a freedom of speech amendment but there is also a privacy amendment and I consider my I pad my own private space that should not be readily available for political invasion.  

Francis Peterson,
Spooner, WI 54801

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Member's Letter to Rep. Duffy: IRS

Dear Rep. Duffy,

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Secretary Lew appointed  AFTER the so called IRS scandal?  How could he be responsible for it in any way?  Why aren't you trying to uncover the real IRS scandal, that is letting the 501(c)(4)s get away with campaign money laundering and legal bribery?  The original law forbid political activity, but the IRS changed the interpretation to so that they only had to do some social education.  This is where the IRS scandal resides, and it has been going on for many, many years, under both democrats and republicans.  All of these 501(c)(4)s should be abolished.  Our Blessed Founding Fathers would be outraged by the dishonesty and  the undermining of democracy that these tax exempt organizations pose.  I think the IRS should be investigating the Tea Party and so should the FBI.  These groups have as their main purpose to AVOID paying taxes.  Some of them  (I saw the demonstrations) advocate for armed violence against the government with"Second Amendment solutions" and threatening slogans.  These groups are an inch away from treason!  Yet they can apply for tax exempt status?

I know you accept campaign contributions from these traitors, so you want to protect them, but it is time that you republicans start trying to unite this country and do the right thing.  We need a jobs program to get people back to work at jobs that can support their families.  We senior citizens need you to fix Medicare so that people will not be denied  coverage until age 70.  The cap on payroll taxes needs to be abolished so that people contribute to Social Security on all the money they earn.  You need to include capital gains in this mix too.  We need to have funding for out crumbling infrastructure.  Last week two bridges collapsed.  We need legislation that will keep guns out of the hands of criminals and a ban on assault rifles.  Over 5000 Americans have died of gun violence since Newtown.  What will you do to save lives?  People are hungry, but you propose to cut food stamps.

And finally, Mr. Duffy, stop taking the name of the FOUNDING FATHERS in vain.  These were men who owned slaves, but managed to put together a reasonably good government.  They were not saints , nor were they gods.  

Gail Lando
Grantsburg, WI 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Member's Letter to Sen. Harsdorf

Dear Senator Harsdorf,

There are many troubling things about the Wisconsin Budget, but one item shouldn't be there at all.  Why does the budget as written allow Rent-to-Own companies to conceal their  interest charges?  These companies,  like the pay day loans charge outrageous rates of interest, and the people most likely to use these services are the people who can least afford these charges.  These are the poor, the under and unemployed.  Have SOME mercy on people less fortunate than you.  I read in the State Journal that you didn't have time to deal with that issue, but please take the time and side with your colleague, Glenn Grotham, and get this language out of the budget.

Sincerely ,
Gail Lando
Grantsburg, WI 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Member's Letter to Sen. Harsdorf

Dear Senator Harsdorf,

Wisconsin ranks #44 in job creation under this current regime. The privatized commerce department has spent millions of taxpayer dollars with zero accountability from the companies who got loans and grants, Gov. Walker has refused millions of federal medicaid dollars which will cost Wisconsinites millions of more dollars to provide healthcare for the most needy among us and many who need healthcare will be cut off. Peachy state jobs are given to Walker's Texas supporters (Ex. Deer Czar and Public Health director) For being the party of small government and personal responsibility, it seems that no one is accountable or responsible in Madison.

Now there is a bill, AB110, that seeks to force " accountability and personal responsibility" on SNAP (formerly food stamps) recipients. It would dictate the kinds of food people on SNAP could buy. The law already prohibits cigarettes and alcohol purchases. This bill would prohibit junk food. But also it would prohibit the purchase of healthy organic foods too. It would prohibit the purchase of gluten free food, which some people need to survive. Isn't this bill the perfect example of the "nanny state" you republicans fear? Actually telling people what they can and cannot eat is pretty invasive and big government if you ask me. People are on SNAP because they have fallen on hard times, have health problems, have lost their jobs. They are on SNAP because they are poor, not because they are stupid or cannot decide for themselves what they should or should not eat. I pay my taxes gladly because I know that taxes are the dues I pay to live in a democracy. I pay gladly because I know that some of my tax dollars goes to help my neighbors who are not as fortunate as I am. I expect that the government that I pay taxes to will treat my neighbors and me, should I fall on hard times, with dignity and respect.

Please vote against this stingy, mean spirited bill.

If you want to help people in poverty start doing your job. Pressure Walker into accepting the federal Medicare money, Make WEDC transparent and accountable, AND start working on creating some jobs that pay a family enough so that SNAP won't be necessary.

Gail Lando
Grantsburg, Wi 

Member's Letter to Rep. Severson

Dear Assemblyman Severson,

The republicans are all about choices and personal responsibility. Don't you find it ironic that AB 110 gives big state government in charge of the food choices that people in SNAP make? Good grief, these people are poor, not stupid. The bill not only bans "junk food", but it also bans organic eggs, brown eggs (Not all of those are organic, they just come from chickens that lay brown eggs). It bans aged cheddar cheese which is a healthier choice than the Kraft rubberized singles, and dried beans purchased in bulk from a coop. Are you people ALL nuts?

This is a mean spirited counterproductive bill. I hope you use the brains God gave you and vote it down.

Gail Lando
Grantsburg, Wi

If the NRA's position was any good they wouldn't have to lie SO much.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

The Daily Show - NRA Fear and Hypocrisy

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Member Editorial: Filibuster Reform

Logic and democracy got a kick in the gut in the US Senate last week. Extended background checks on gun purchases were defeated 54 to 45. A clear majority voted for this common sense reform but the 60 filibuster threshold was not met.

The common good also got a knock on the head. How ironic that while Americans were honoring the courage, unity, and sense of community in Boston in response to a horrific bombing, the US Senate ignored the wishes of 90% of the public to represent a loud vocal special interest minority.

Logic was blown into the air. We know that background checks by licensed gun dealers have stopped purchases by unfit citizens. Logic says clearly that closing background check loopholes is a basic necessary step. Fear replaced logic. The NRA threat dissolved backbones.

An arrogant contempt for majority rule was never more blatantly demonstrated. What once was a heroic way for one Senator to slow legislation has been warped into super majority rule. Our constitutional system has checks and balance. House members represent equal number of people. The Senate gives equal power to Senators from small population states and large populations states. Less populated states already have vastly disproportionate power over legislation. Six senators from Alaska, N. Dakota, and Wyoming represent 2,207,479 citizens. Six senators from Cal., Ill., and N.Y. represent 70,480,946 [US census]. To further allow a minority to block majority rule by requiring a super majority of 60 is a gross abuse of majority rule. It gives a minority permanent veto power on the will of the majority. The 60 vote rule is paralyzing our legislative system and making it dysfunctional.

Fear replacing logic, lack of moral courage, and a dysfunctional Senate are shameful roadblocks to meeting our moral commitment to fight to save the lives of innocent children.

Fred Kramer

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Jefferson LaFollette Dueholm Dinner, May 18

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Chair Report - April 11, 2013

April 2 Election….The Spring elections have come and gone and we had mixed success with our supported candidates. Incumbent Tony Evers was reelected for State Superintendent of Schools and for most of us that was no surprise. The BIG race for Supreme Court Justice was way more contentious. Democrats were supporting challenger Ed Fallone for the ten year term. Electing Fallone would have changed the balance of the court to the liberal judges and would have been a road block for the Walker agenda. Unfortunately, incumbent Patience Roggensack retained her seat by outspending Fallone by a 5 to 1 margin using out-of-state money from corporate interest groups. Word on the block is corporations and big business bought another state Supreme Court judge.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Member Editorial: Economy

Francis Peterson's Letter to the Editor was published in this week's Inter-County Leader.  

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Fallone & Evers Ad by Local Democrats

A group of local democrats independently placed an ad in the local paper to show their support for Ed Fallone for WI Supreme Court Justice and for Tony Evers for Superintendent of Public Instruction.

(click the link at the top of the pdf viewer to see it full sized, or use the zoom tool at the bottom of the pdf viewer to increase the size)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ed Fallone for Justice Commercial Spots

Being in the twin Cities media market, we usually don't see political commercials for statewide offices.  Here are a couple TV spots from Fallone for Justice.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Member Editorial: Vote for Ed Fallone and Tony Evers


We hear that lament. We feel this weariness of heavy partisan battles in Wisconsin during the last two years. But whenever we give in to our tiredness, cynicism and resignation; our democratic society suffers.

So an urgent request - Vote in the April 2 election for the two statewide nonpartisan elective offices.

There are two overriding reasons to vote April 2.

First: Those who are indifferent to the growing gap in wealth between the richest Americans and the average citizen will not sit this election out. THEY WILL spend their money to get out the vote to defend their economic power..

If you and I as average citizens give up and stay home the great power of money in politics will continue to dominate and influence elections, legislation and public policy.

The second reason: We should honor and reward candidates who are dedicated to nonpartisanship and are not ideological in their approach to their office .

Ed Fallone, candidate for Supreme Court Justice, will work to restore civility and balance to the Wisconsin Supreme Court that sorely needs healing. His knowledge and dedication to constitutional law will serve the interests of all Wisconsin citizens.

Tony Evers, the present Superintendent of Public Instruction, has proven his leadership as a champion of public education and one dedicated to working with all segments of the public. The quality of our public education system is one of the great strengths of Wisconsin and the best guarantee of an upward mobility pathway for our youth.

Your vote does make a difference. Take time out Tuesday April 2 to vote for Ed Fallone and Tony Evers.

Fred Kramer

Chair Report - March 16, 2013

Election…April 2 is a big day for democrats across the state of Wisconsin. On that day we can make a change in the future by turning out to support Ed Fallone to the State Supreme Court for a 10-year term and Tony Evers as the State Superintendent of Schools. By voting for these two very qualified individuals we can put a damper on Scott Walker’s agenda and send a message to out-of-state billionaires Wisconsin will no longer allow you to buy Wisconsin government. In addition, you can vote for a number of nonpartisan candidates for local offices and boards. Make sure to select a candidate that is interested in carrying your values to the office they will hold. Do not miss this important election.

Hillary Clinton for HRC's Americans for Marriage Equality

Friday, March 15, 2013

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

WI Supreme Court Debate Video - Fallone v. Roggensack

Ed Fallone and Pat Roggensack appeared on Wisconsin Public Television's Here and Now.  Watch their debate here.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Member Editorial: Tony Evers for State Superintendent of Public Instruction

To the Editor:

Ahh! It is spring in Wisconsin and that means election time--again! We all know who we are going to vote for in the local elections, but then we are faced with the great unknown. Who should get our vote for the State Superintendent of Schools? The incumbent, Tony Evers, has done an outstanding job and deserves to be reelected. Tony Evers has distinguished himself as a leader in Wisconsin education during his entire 36 year career. He is a Wisconsin native, married for 41 years with three grown children. He earned his education credentials at UW-Madison and his doctorate in Education in 1986. He is well known in every corner of the state, and even the governor, whose budget Tony opposed, has praised his job performance.

Evers has been instrumental in bringing $22.7 million in federal grants for innovative learning and data collection programs impacting early childhood education. He fought the governor's agenda to remove $1,6 billion in funding from public schools in Wisconsin's last biennium and is currently opposed to the governor's newest budget proposals for education. Tony has built trust with the governor and both parties in the the state legislature. He will work to give Wisconsin the best education system possible. Remember Tony Evers on April 2.

Gail Lando

Monday, March 11, 2013

Member Editorial: Ed Fallone for WI Supreme Court Justice

Fallone Will End Infighting

I recently had the pleasure of meeting and hearing Ed Fallone speak on his candidacy for a 10-year term on the Wisconsin State Supreme Court.  The election for this office will be held statewide on April 2nd.  After hearing Ed’s message and conversing with him, I’m convinced he is the right person to fill that seat.

Ed Fallone has spent his lifetime fighting to ensure fairness in our court systems.  As a law professor for almost 20 years at Marquette University Law School teaching Constitutional, Corporate and Criminal Law, Ed is a leading scholar on our legal system.  During the past 25 years Ed has also maintained a viable law practice in both our federal and state courts.  He is uniquely qualified to serve on Wisconsin’s highest court.

While speaking with Ed I became keenly aware that his position on our state’s Supreme Court will return civility and dignity to the institution.  His goal on the court is to re-establish the Wisconsin Supreme Court to its historic reputation as an institution that serves the people of Wisconsin, not just the special money interests.  Ed will work to keep the court free from special interests, free of politics and to end the infighting. This is refreshing news considering the recent history of the court.

Ed and his wife live in Whitefish Bay with their two children.  He is a community leader who has worked tirelessly to promote family values, education and to broaden access to our legal system for everyone.

Join with me on April 2nd and vote for Ed Fallone for Justice on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.  Help restore Wisconsin values to our legal system and protect our state’s future.

Audrey Costerisan

Friday, March 8, 2013

Statement by the President on International Women’s Day | The White House

On International Women’s Day we celebrate the many milestones on the road to gender equality, and recommit ourselves to fight for the rights and opportunities of women and girls around the world.  
Empowering women isn’t just the right thing to do – it’s the smart thing to do.  When women succeed, nations are more safe, more secure, and more prosperous.  Over the last year, we’ve seen women and girls inspiring communities and entire countries to stand up for freedom and justice, and I’m proud of my Administration’s efforts to promote gender equality worldwide. 
As a nation, we’ve launched new efforts to promote women’s economic empowerment and political participation, to prevent and respond to gender-based violence, and to strengthen our commitment to helping more women participate in peacebuilding and conflict resolution.  We are promoting food security initiatives that recognize the rights and needs of women farmers, and ensuring that women and girls are at the center of global health programs.  And we will continue to focus on empowering women and girls at home and abroad. 
We’ve also worked with a wide range of partners – from the United Nations and civil society groups to the private sector –  to advance this important agenda.  Because when it comes to creating a world in which our sons and daughters can reach their potential, we each have a role to play.  And we can make even more progress together.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weekly Address: Congress Must Compromise to Stop the Impact of the Sequester

Tell Johnson and Duffy you're sick of them making Americans suffer for their false GOP ideology, their proven-wrong economic theories, and their total lack of loyalty to their constituents well-being.  Click HERE for their contact information.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Local Event: Wisconsin Democracy Campaign

Member Editorial: Environment

Noted Environmentalist Bill McKibbon Brings Global Warming Message to Hayward 

A report by Joan and Fred Kramer 

A packed house in Hayward heard Bill McKibben Thursday evening, Feb 21, deliver an energizing call to action to slow climate change. Bill McKibben has authored many books on the environment and founded the grassroots climate change campaign which has coordinated over 15,000 rallies in 189 countries since 2009. Time magazine called him the planet’s best green journalist.

Bill McKibben drew national headlines Feb 17 as one of the organizers and featured speakers at a Washington rally to urge action on global warming and to urge President Obama to say no to the Keystone pipeline. The organizers estimated a crowd of 40,000 and hailed it as the biggest environmental rally in history.

He urges all to become activists to spread the urgency of the global warming message. He outlined what is happening; Global warming is a reality that demands attention now. The glaciers are melting and the Arctic ice is receding at an alarming rate. The ocean is becoming more acidic. One factor increasing the severe weather patterns is that global warming has increased concentration of moisture in the atmosphere resulting in more record breaking downpours. During the last years, temperatures have risen one degree and are moving towards two degrees. In human health terms that does not sound so dire. But at three or four degrees the human body is really sick.

He believes one of the most significant signs of increasing awareness is that in the last year 210 campuses have formed groups calling on their colleges and universities to divest their investment funds of fossil fuel companies. His primary emphasis now is traveling to campuses encouraging them to support this movement. This divestiture movement is based on the successful divestiture of investments in South African companies that helped to end apartheid in that country.

To stay informed and to find ways that citizens can be involved go to the website of

Further comment: Why did the major newspapers and television networks not give more coverage to the huge 40,000 march Sunday October 17? Instead they focus on the talking points of the large oil and gas lobbies about the Keystone pipeline from Canada to the Gulf. It seems a worthy story since it focusses on promising thousands of jobs (their inflated numbers), but those stories don’t tell the reader that the Canadian oil from shale will be traded on the global market after its journey across the US and will not help The United States become more energy independent.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Sequester Impact on Wisconsin - From The White House

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Sen. Baldwin Expresses Disappointment in Walker's ACA Decision

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Final Report on the Impacts and Costs of Eliminating Election Day Registration in Wisconsin

The bottom line on eliminating election day voter registration.

  • It will cost the state $13 million to $14.5 million. (It is not fiscally responsible.)
  • It will subject the state to new Federal regulations and oversight. (If a person truly believes in state's rights, they would oppose eliminating same-day registration.)
  • It increases the workload and burden of local election officials, the GAB, and other service agencies including the DMV. (It increases the size and complexity of the government.)
  • The GAB passed a motion opposing eliminating same-day registration due to the wide spread and significant complications and disruptions to our currently well functioning system. (Bad for taxpayers. Bad for voters. Bad for efficient government.)

(click the link at the top of the pdf viewer to see it full sized, or use the zoom tool at the bottom of the pdf viewer to increase the size)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How Good Are Claims About Metal Mining Jobs?

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Monday, February 18, 2013

VOTE! Tuesday, February 19

Tuesday is the WI Supreme Court primary election.

Click here for more information on the candidates.

Click here to find your polling location.
First, select "Regular Voter."
Next, submit your name and date of birth.
Then, select "Election & Polling Place Info" from the menu on the left.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Impact of Sequestration

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BCD Member Editorial: Mining

An editorial submitted to the blog by member Merri Ann Gonzalez:

Reading the paper today I see a huge contrast on many fronts. In one article Hauge director of DNR Bureau of Wildlife management is quoted as saying that feeding and baiting of deer increases the spread of CWD (via prion in urine/feces/saliva), yet in another article I see that Gov. Scott Wanker in speaking with the NRA talked about changing deer hunting in WI to include allowing massive landowners to fence and have hunts on their property to attract wealthy hunters. Then the piece on the front page about counting the number of homeless people in both Polk and Burnett county which depicts a NY policeman giving a shoeless man a pair of boots on a cold night. On the other hand our Gov. is refusing to accept FEDERAL FUNDS to expand Medicaid to those least able to afford medical care in our area. 
Still more contrast is that Gogebic Taconite wrote a mining bill that not only has the potential but is well documented in other states to have actually caused extensive polluted pools of arsenic, lead and mercury. This mining bill has the potential for chemicals to leach into the wetlands, tainting our aquifer, and lets face it, the big money maker in our area is the tourist dollar. If this mining hits one of the sulfur veins that are all over our area the result will be sulfuric acid run off. If you have a fish tank, you know that the PH of water is crucial for the survival of fish. Cathy Steppe (DNR sec.) allowed a honey dipper to spread 300% of the allowable amount of human excrement on a farm with only a wrist slap. I have to wonder how many downstate/MN/IL fishermen will be here fishing among billowing clouds of soap suds as this seems to be the next step. Even Gogebic Taconite admits there WILL be pollution. They also admit that in other areas there were a handful of temporary jobs as they have their own employees and heavy equipment. So essentially they just want to come here and rape our natural resources and then will be on their way to the next state where they are allowed to rewrite the environmental protection laws. These opposite ends of the spectrum ideologies are not indicative of the WI I had known and loved. 
Merri Ann Gonzalez

Friday, February 15, 2013

Chair Report - February 15, 2013

New Meeting Time…First I would like to let everyone know that we are moving our monthly meeting time up by ½ hour. Starting with our next meeting on February 19 at the Whitetail Wilderness Restaurant & Bar we will begin our meetings at 6:30 p.m. instead of 7:00 p.m. The meetings will still be held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at the Whitetail unless otherwise noted. We always welcome you to come an hour early and begin the evening by joining with your fellow democrats for supper. The Whitetail Wilderness is located about a mile north of Webster on Hwy. 35.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fitzgerald, GOP Should Listen to Citizens of the North, Not Insult Them

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Friday, February 1, 2013

The Daily Show: Jon Stewart vs. Gun Industry Lobbyist Gayle Trotter

BCD Member Editorial: Civility

Richard Costerisan submitted the following letter for publication by the Inter-County Leader.

What ever happened to civility? 
Let’s take a moment to contemplate why we have such venomous public and private verbal discourse in our life, religion and politics today. What ever happened to civility? Why is civil discussion on the decline in America? Our First Amendment right to free speech is being overshadowed by hate, fear, and desperation. Debate is manipulated by those with the most power or money.
It never used to be this bad. Sure, there have always been those who would win the debate at the cost of others. But, for most of us, winning was not as important as assuring that the common good was the highest priority. No matter what side of the issue you found yourself on, coming to some compromise with your opponent in any debate was always precluded with what was best for our people; our country.
So, what happened to change this? Today the mantra is to win at any cost. Don’t worry about the others, just make sure you protect yourself and get what you want. If you can’t win, make sure the other guy can’t either. Brinksmanship and going to the edge are common tactics used in our private and political lives. The political reality of the day is “the rewards go to the winner.” The more you win, the greater the rewards. Money and power rule. It’s a proven formula that civil discord gets the attention of the media. People tend to remember discord more than harmony. Acrimonious political attacks imprint on voters and work to change minds. 
To combat incivility society must speak up whenever they witness uncivil and offensive behavior and language. Disturbing behavior must become unpopular. Society must demand civil behavior and reward those who promote it. Those who project discord as a means of winning must be denied victory at every turn. As citizens we must learn to speak up when the media uses discord to promote ratings or readership. We have a responsibility to the common good to ensure that misinformation is challenged wherever it occurs. We have our differences but we cannot let them define us. We must always work to find common ground that protects our society.
KRC Research in Washington D.C. has been measuring public civility in the United States since 2010. Their most recent survey was completed in April 2012.  The poll queried 1,000 adults. Here are some of their findings:
  • 81 percent of the respondents said incivility in government is harming the nation’s future.
  • 63 percent believe there is a major civility problem in the United States.
  • 55 percent expect civility to worsen, while 14 percent said it would improve. Comparatively, the 2010 survey showed 39 percent expected civility to worsen, while 26 percent believed it would get better.

As U.S. citizens we deserve better. But, unless we demand more civility in our lives, the media and in our political sphere we cannot expect change anytime soon.
Richard Costerisan