Saturday, January 12, 2013

BCD Member Editorial: Weapon Regulation

Will this letter get published in the newspaper?

Dear Editor:

Rebuttal to:
Dave Wilhelm
Guy McCarty
Bob Blake
Bill Kutz

Merri Ann Gonzalez

You have all made my point. Your temper tantrums full of false information and vitriol absolutely riddled with far right-wing erroneous talking points (that we have all heard multiple times before) are proof that a middle ground solution has little hope of happening unless ALL people speak up. Common sense changes to our current gun laws are being called for by many people who own guns as well as those who don’t, by hunters and non hunters, by parents and grandparents. I have been around, and owned guns my whole life including an H&K 91 (uses 308’s), so your accusations of me NOT being a proponent of the second amendment are unfounded. (Liberal, Socialist, WOMAN advocate for separation of church and state and marriage equality....I am ok with those names)

Your statements concerning Australia are wrong and wrong. I know it is all over the internet, but that does not make it true. Here is a web site that might enlighten you as to Australia’s GUN violence, not simply “violent crime” because that statistic is misleading, and quotes only a fraction of the time frame since it was instituted.

Please don’t be TOO confused by the facts.
1. Since Australia has imposed a gun ban after their massacre, it has NOT happened again.
2. GUN deaths have steadily declined since the buy back and ban. The statistics you referenced are of VIOLENT CRIME, not GUN DEATHS. Don’t want to read the whole Government report, fine, just read the summary.

On the other hand, back home here:

31,755 GUN DEATHS in the USA during 2012.

While the NRA was discussing what can be done about the problem with V.P. Biden, yet another school shooting took place.

Do the DEAD CHILDREN NOT matter to you?

Merri Ann Gonzalez (Who still thinks we have some wiggle room for change here)

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