Saturday, February 16, 2013

BCD Member Editorial: Mining

An editorial submitted to the blog by member Merri Ann Gonzalez:

Reading the paper today I see a huge contrast on many fronts. In one article Hauge director of DNR Bureau of Wildlife management is quoted as saying that feeding and baiting of deer increases the spread of CWD (via prion in urine/feces/saliva), yet in another article I see that Gov. Scott Wanker in speaking with the NRA talked about changing deer hunting in WI to include allowing massive landowners to fence and have hunts on their property to attract wealthy hunters. Then the piece on the front page about counting the number of homeless people in both Polk and Burnett county which depicts a NY policeman giving a shoeless man a pair of boots on a cold night. On the other hand our Gov. is refusing to accept FEDERAL FUNDS to expand Medicaid to those least able to afford medical care in our area. 
Still more contrast is that Gogebic Taconite wrote a mining bill that not only has the potential but is well documented in other states to have actually caused extensive polluted pools of arsenic, lead and mercury. This mining bill has the potential for chemicals to leach into the wetlands, tainting our aquifer, and lets face it, the big money maker in our area is the tourist dollar. If this mining hits one of the sulfur veins that are all over our area the result will be sulfuric acid run off. If you have a fish tank, you know that the PH of water is crucial for the survival of fish. Cathy Steppe (DNR sec.) allowed a honey dipper to spread 300% of the allowable amount of human excrement on a farm with only a wrist slap. I have to wonder how many downstate/MN/IL fishermen will be here fishing among billowing clouds of soap suds as this seems to be the next step. Even Gogebic Taconite admits there WILL be pollution. They also admit that in other areas there were a handful of temporary jobs as they have their own employees and heavy equipment. So essentially they just want to come here and rape our natural resources and then will be on their way to the next state where they are allowed to rewrite the environmental protection laws. These opposite ends of the spectrum ideologies are not indicative of the WI I had known and loved. 
Merri Ann Gonzalez

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