Monday, March 18, 2013

Chair Report - March 16, 2013

Election…April 2 is a big day for democrats across the state of Wisconsin. On that day we can make a change in the future by turning out to support Ed Fallone to the State Supreme Court for a 10-year term and Tony Evers as the State Superintendent of Schools. By voting for these two very qualified individuals we can put a damper on Scott Walker’s agenda and send a message to out-of-state billionaires Wisconsin will no longer allow you to buy Wisconsin government. In addition, you can vote for a number of nonpartisan candidates for local offices and boards. Make sure to select a candidate that is interested in carrying your values to the office they will hold. Do not miss this important election.

Seventy-two county strategy…Shortly into 2013 our state democratic chairman, Mike Tate, announced a new 72 County Strategy that will set our party on the path to victory for 2014 and beyond. This is a very sound strategy that includes taking back northern Wisconsin and turning it blue again. We are an important part of that strategy. Right now the Burnett County Democrats must work to develop a communications strategy that will promote our presence and our values into the community. That will be a big job. I am happy to say that Gail Lando has agreed to be our communications chairperson. We are lucky to have such a competent individual to take on this task. But, Gail cannot do the job alone. It will take all of us giving her a hand. If you are interested in helping with our communications strategy, contact me or attend a meeting and talk about your views. Gail is looking for articles to appear in our local papers weekly. She is prepared to help you with this task if necessary. In addition, Emily Nehring is already doing an outstanding job managing our facebook page at and our blog at If you have not visited these internet sites, I implore you to do so daily. Don’t hesitate to leave your comments so others can share in your ideas. That is one way we will begin the dialog to change minds and voting habits.

Mike Tate noted that another strategy is to continue to grow our membership. Only with a viable and active membership can we hope to win back Wisconsin. To help Burnett County Democrats with that strategy, our Vice Chairman, Robert Sullivan, has taken the challenge. Bob has agreed to work with our membership lists to make sure everyone is current. He will also be implementing programs to bring new members to the party. If you know of anyone who is a potential member, perhaps your spouse or a friend, bring them to a meeting and let’s get them involved.

New Regional Director…As part of the 72 County Strategy the DPW is setting up regional offices across the northern end of the state. Currently new offices are planned for Green Bay, Eau Claire and La Crosse. These offices are now being staffed and I have already received an introductory letter from Jeff Smith who will be working with us soon. Later this year or early next year additional offices will be opened as funding becomes available, according to Mike.

New Meeting Time…Our next membership meeting will be March 19, 2013 at the Whitetail Wilderness Restaurant & Bar located approximately one mile north of the village of Webster on Hwy. 35. We are now starting the meeting at 6:30 p.m. and those interested in dining before the meeting should arrive at 5:30 p.m. Come to the meeting and get involved in the party.

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