Monday, March 11, 2013

Member Editorial: Ed Fallone for WI Supreme Court Justice

Fallone Will End Infighting

I recently had the pleasure of meeting and hearing Ed Fallone speak on his candidacy for a 10-year term on the Wisconsin State Supreme Court.  The election for this office will be held statewide on April 2nd.  After hearing Ed’s message and conversing with him, I’m convinced he is the right person to fill that seat.

Ed Fallone has spent his lifetime fighting to ensure fairness in our court systems.  As a law professor for almost 20 years at Marquette University Law School teaching Constitutional, Corporate and Criminal Law, Ed is a leading scholar on our legal system.  During the past 25 years Ed has also maintained a viable law practice in both our federal and state courts.  He is uniquely qualified to serve on Wisconsin’s highest court.

While speaking with Ed I became keenly aware that his position on our state’s Supreme Court will return civility and dignity to the institution.  His goal on the court is to re-establish the Wisconsin Supreme Court to its historic reputation as an institution that serves the people of Wisconsin, not just the special money interests.  Ed will work to keep the court free from special interests, free of politics and to end the infighting. This is refreshing news considering the recent history of the court.

Ed and his wife live in Whitefish Bay with their two children.  He is a community leader who has worked tirelessly to promote family values, education and to broaden access to our legal system for everyone.

Join with me on April 2nd and vote for Ed Fallone for Justice on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.  Help restore Wisconsin values to our legal system and protect our state’s future.

Audrey Costerisan

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