Monday, March 18, 2013

Member Editorial: Vote for Ed Fallone and Tony Evers


We hear that lament. We feel this weariness of heavy partisan battles in Wisconsin during the last two years. But whenever we give in to our tiredness, cynicism and resignation; our democratic society suffers.

So an urgent request - Vote in the April 2 election for the two statewide nonpartisan elective offices.

There are two overriding reasons to vote April 2.

First: Those who are indifferent to the growing gap in wealth between the richest Americans and the average citizen will not sit this election out. THEY WILL spend their money to get out the vote to defend their economic power..

If you and I as average citizens give up and stay home the great power of money in politics will continue to dominate and influence elections, legislation and public policy.

The second reason: We should honor and reward candidates who are dedicated to nonpartisanship and are not ideological in their approach to their office .

Ed Fallone, candidate for Supreme Court Justice, will work to restore civility and balance to the Wisconsin Supreme Court that sorely needs healing. His knowledge and dedication to constitutional law will serve the interests of all Wisconsin citizens.

Tony Evers, the present Superintendent of Public Instruction, has proven his leadership as a champion of public education and one dedicated to working with all segments of the public. The quality of our public education system is one of the great strengths of Wisconsin and the best guarantee of an upward mobility pathway for our youth.

Your vote does make a difference. Take time out Tuesday April 2 to vote for Ed Fallone and Tony Evers.

Fred Kramer

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