Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Member's Letter to Rep. Duffy: IRS

Dear Rep. Duffy,

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Secretary Lew appointed  AFTER the so called IRS scandal?  How could he be responsible for it in any way?  Why aren't you trying to uncover the real IRS scandal, that is letting the 501(c)(4)s get away with campaign money laundering and legal bribery?  The original law forbid political activity, but the IRS changed the interpretation to so that they only had to do some social education.  This is where the IRS scandal resides, and it has been going on for many, many years, under both democrats and republicans.  All of these 501(c)(4)s should be abolished.  Our Blessed Founding Fathers would be outraged by the dishonesty and  the undermining of democracy that these tax exempt organizations pose.  I think the IRS should be investigating the Tea Party and so should the FBI.  These groups have as their main purpose to AVOID paying taxes.  Some of them  (I saw the demonstrations) advocate for armed violence against the government with"Second Amendment solutions" and threatening slogans.  These groups are an inch away from treason!  Yet they can apply for tax exempt status?

I know you accept campaign contributions from these traitors, so you want to protect them, but it is time that you republicans start trying to unite this country and do the right thing.  We need a jobs program to get people back to work at jobs that can support their families.  We senior citizens need you to fix Medicare so that people will not be denied  coverage until age 70.  The cap on payroll taxes needs to be abolished so that people contribute to Social Security on all the money they earn.  You need to include capital gains in this mix too.  We need to have funding for out crumbling infrastructure.  Last week two bridges collapsed.  We need legislation that will keep guns out of the hands of criminals and a ban on assault rifles.  Over 5000 Americans have died of gun violence since Newtown.  What will you do to save lives?  People are hungry, but you propose to cut food stamps.

And finally, Mr. Duffy, stop taking the name of the FOUNDING FATHERS in vain.  These were men who owned slaves, but managed to put together a reasonably good government.  They were not saints , nor were they gods.  

Gail Lando
Grantsburg, WI 

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