Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Member's Letter to Rep. Severson

Dear Assemblyman Severson,

The republicans are all about choices and personal responsibility. Don't you find it ironic that AB 110 gives big state government in charge of the food choices that people in SNAP make? Good grief, these people are poor, not stupid. The bill not only bans "junk food", but it also bans organic eggs, brown eggs (Not all of those are organic, they just come from chickens that lay brown eggs). It bans aged cheddar cheese which is a healthier choice than the Kraft rubberized singles, and dried beans purchased in bulk from a coop. Are you people ALL nuts?

This is a mean spirited counterproductive bill. I hope you use the brains God gave you and vote it down.

Gail Lando
Grantsburg, Wi

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