Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Member's Letter to Sen. Harsdorf

Dear Senator Harsdorf,

There are many troubling things about the Wisconsin Budget, but one item shouldn't be there at all.  Why does the budget as written allow Rent-to-Own companies to conceal their  interest charges?  These companies,  like the pay day loans charge outrageous rates of interest, and the people most likely to use these services are the people who can least afford these charges.  These are the poor, the under and unemployed.  Have SOME mercy on people less fortunate than you.  I read in the State Journal that you didn't have time to deal with that issue, but please take the time and side with your colleague, Glenn Grotham, and get this language out of the budget.

Sincerely ,
Gail Lando
Grantsburg, WI 

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