Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Member's Letter to Sen. Harsdorf

Dear Senator Harsdorf,

Wisconsin ranks #44 in job creation under this current regime. The privatized commerce department has spent millions of taxpayer dollars with zero accountability from the companies who got loans and grants, Gov. Walker has refused millions of federal medicaid dollars which will cost Wisconsinites millions of more dollars to provide healthcare for the most needy among us and many who need healthcare will be cut off. Peachy state jobs are given to Walker's Texas supporters (Ex. Deer Czar and Public Health director) For being the party of small government and personal responsibility, it seems that no one is accountable or responsible in Madison.

Now there is a bill, AB110, that seeks to force " accountability and personal responsibility" on SNAP (formerly food stamps) recipients. It would dictate the kinds of food people on SNAP could buy. The law already prohibits cigarettes and alcohol purchases. This bill would prohibit junk food. But also it would prohibit the purchase of healthy organic foods too. It would prohibit the purchase of gluten free food, which some people need to survive. Isn't this bill the perfect example of the "nanny state" you republicans fear? Actually telling people what they can and cannot eat is pretty invasive and big government if you ask me. People are on SNAP because they have fallen on hard times, have health problems, have lost their jobs. They are on SNAP because they are poor, not because they are stupid or cannot decide for themselves what they should or should not eat. I pay my taxes gladly because I know that taxes are the dues I pay to live in a democracy. I pay gladly because I know that some of my tax dollars goes to help my neighbors who are not as fortunate as I am. I expect that the government that I pay taxes to will treat my neighbors and me, should I fall on hard times, with dignity and respect.

Please vote against this stingy, mean spirited bill.

If you want to help people in poverty start doing your job. Pressure Walker into accepting the federal Medicare money, Make WEDC transparent and accountable, AND start working on creating some jobs that pay a family enough so that SNAP won't be necessary.

Gail Lando
Grantsburg, Wi 

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