Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Member Editorial: Walker's Failures

Dear Editor:

I have an unwanted intruder that keeps coming into my house on my I pad. His name is Scott Walker. I’ve tried to block him many times, but he keeps coming back.

I can’t believe a word he says. Even a conservative magazine like Forbes said the way he figures job creation; he should have no trouble changing water into wine. He also received a liar liar, pants on fire for truthful and honest job numbers.

When he became governor, he said he would put signs at the border of all the neighboring states, inviting visitors to come to Wisconsin and enjoy the fruits of eliminating labor negotiations and championing the trickle-down theory of economics. How has that worked out for him? He is now 46th in job creation in the nation and dead last in the Midwest job creations.

He has taken money from the school lunch program and Meals on Wheels. Of this he is most proud.

He has defunded public schools in order to give the money to his favorite charter school programs. Most of the charter schools are religious school. So we are using public money to finance religious education. You might ask Walker which religion gets the most public money for schools and then ask him what religion he belongs to. I suspect those who complain the loudest about prayer in school will think this is great. Now they can teach the entire Bible in schools. I suspect the same people will be the first to complain when the first charter Muslim school starts teaching the Koran, using their tax money. The whole premise of his antiunion teacher program was to evaluate teachers and give the best teachers the most money. Most people would agree with this except there is no real way to evaluate teachers fairly. Taking money away from schools that have the hardest job of teaching is counterproductive.

Some time ago Wisconsin was rated number two in high school graduations in the nation. Therefore these teachers should be paid the second highest in the nation by these evaluation standards.

This is certainly a better indication of successful Wisconsin teachers than some politician pointing fingers at teachers who are in the most challenging schools and telling them they have to show much more success.
So how do I keep this unwanted intruder out of my home? I know there is a freedom of speech amendment but there is also a privacy amendment and I consider my I pad my own private space that should not be readily available for political invasion.  

Francis Peterson,
Spooner, WI 54801

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