Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Member's Letter to to Sen. Harsdorf

Dear Sen. Harsdorf,

What is going on in Madison?  Is there really a bill sponsored by Senator Ellis to force women who are seeking abortions to have transvaginal probes, while a technician describes what she sees?  I can understand that many people are anti-abortion.  I am not pro-abortion, but sometimes abortion is the only merciful solution for some women and their families.  I taught at a school for pregnant teens for three years.  All of these young women chose to give birth; most kept the baby, but some gave the child up for adoption.  Most had healthy babies, but  some of the girls had stillborns, several had very low birth babies weight who had suffered lifelong complications that the families were not emotionally, spiritually or financially able to handle.  Some babies were born into abusive families, and I was unable to do anything about that.  One of my students was murdered by a boyfriend.  From my experience working with these girls, their families and their babies, I would never presume to make judgments on women who choose abortions or women who choose to give birth.  I would hope that a woman would choose to give birth.

To force a frightened woman who may have been raped, threatened or beaten to submit to a probe of her vagina is simply state rape, and the most invasive big government tyranny I can imagine.  

I hope you will not vote for this bill.  It is evil.

Gail Lando
Grantsburg, Wi

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